Senin, 11 Januari 2016

Being An Adult?

Being an adult is shocking thing. And scary thing.
And difficult thing.
One day, I cried out loud because others turn their back on me. Others who I called friends.
And one other day, I'm the one who turn my back on others. Others who I called friends.
Terrible enough. Even when I knew how it felt, I did just the same.
I know perfectly that I'm not the good and kind style to begin with. Sometimes I realized that I'm a bad person.
I envy those who have good heart and kind, wishing I can just be like them.
But this bad person is betrayed and hurt by those good & kind once I envied, though?
But this bad person still get along with them, though? In the name of friendship and loyalty.
But the name of friendship and loyalty didn't seem exist in adult life, though?
So what am I, bad or good?
So what should I think, as an adult? As a twenties?
Should I just think about getting a job, or continue my study, or marriage; and forget anything else? Like others?
Does the friendship thinking is only suitable for high schooler or university student?
Ah. I talked a big crap here. It doesn't like I always care about my friend though.
Well, well. I'm ignoring and being ignored. Serve me well!
Ah. I really don't like grow up. It'll be nice if I can just be kid forever.
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