Minggu, 06 Desember 2015

Not Moving

I'm living inside a cave.
It's dark, yet comfortable. It's nice, yet stuffy.
It was okay. I was okay.
But I'm not moving.
I stayed in my place, for long time.
I live, I breathe. But not moving.
Sometimes I think I'm gonna be okay living like this. Being like this.
But even ten years later, I'll just become the same like now.
Like this. There is no different.
I'm living. Thankfully, I'm still living.
In the same shape. The same situation. The same condition.
My friends told me that I should go. Outside the cave.
I think I should go.
But going is not just going.
I wish I can fly. Going far, far away.
Or just disappear instead.
Why living is so damn difficult?
Why youth is so damn difficult?

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