Selasa, 06 Mei 2014

So What?

For the world.

They said my life is boring and lack of experiences because there are many things that I’m not tried yet & many places that I’m not visited yet.
So what?
I’m happy with eat three times a day, meet my family and friends everyday, listen some songs, and watch some movies.

They said my life is lonely because I’m single.
So what?
I’m happy for being free and have no worries for waiting some calls, chats, or texts.

They criticized me about my style and taste.
So what?
I’m not buying that stuff with their money.

They questioned me about my hobbies and preferences.
So what?
I never ask anyone to do what I did.

They criticized me about my favorite artists.
So what?
I never ask anyone to like them too.

They said I’m out of date because didn’t follow the trend.
So what?
My life is great even I didn’t knew those things.

I’ve been doing well.
I’m happy on my own.

For those who always questioned and criticized other: just mind your own business.

6 komentar:

  1. bagus ini.... jadi kangen nge-blog lagi... hehehe

  2. you, yourself, your way, the best person I've ever met :)
    hey, I miss all that moment we're going crazy together. I can't find that now :')

    1. the old times that can't be repeated and replaced with other thing T.T really miss those moments :(