Kamis, 22 November 2012

Letter to You

hi, how are you there?

it's a nice and fresh morning. maybe it'll be the good start :)

ah, I don't know how many times I said I'll forget you
I'll absolutely forget you
and it's end up with failure

maybe, because I didn't want to forget you?
and move to the new story
there were too many questions
how if the new story as hurt as this?
or even more hurt than this?

so it's better be in the same wound
than face the other wound

no, it's not your fault
maybe you didn't know anything

it's not your fault
and I don't want to hate you
I never want to hate you

just forget you. just forget

I want to forget you slowly. healing the wound slowly
closing this story slowly

maybe, we weren't meant to be together, indeed
you are with your own world. and me, with my own world

even so, I always hope that you're doing well there
I knew that you're a kind guy, who will find the good things

ah, it's really a nice and fresh morning. I didn't feel any sadness at all :)

let's be a good friend :)

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